My {{Glow Up}} Journey With Rainbow


Today, I’m officially marking the year of 2016: The Year of the {{GLOW UP}}!  For the most part of my life I’ve always been a visionary, an over achiever, and self-confident. This year I decided to put these strengths into motion by launching the Society of Harlow brand. I’ve never felt more fearless in my life. I’m not afraid to fail, but more importantly I’m not afraid of the radiance of my light!  When you “glow up” you not only grow in maturity,  but you grow in confidence which generates beauty and empowerment. With that being said, I’m beyond  humbled to announce that I’m an official Rainbow Fashion & Style Influencer! This means I will be bringing you all the lastest trends and must-have pieces from Rainbow!  For my glow up journey, Rainbow has be there for every milestone! Rainbow has been my primary shopping hub for more than a decade. Rainbow has been there for every style/fashion milestone in my life, from HBCU Homecoming parties and  first dates to interviews and ceremonies. Thank you Rainbow, I’m excited to continue on my glow up journey with you! Click For Look Details!

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Ashley Nell Tipton’s Exclusive JCPenney Line Gets #TripleSlayed!

Now… for the moment you all have been waiting for!!! You all know that I’ve been waiting to get my hands on JCPenney’s plus size private label brand Boutique+™ and the exclusive collection capsule by trailblazing plus-size fashion designer Ashley Nell Tipton (Project Runway Winner )! Click to see the magic that happens when Ashley Nell Tipton teams up with JCPenny AND JCPenney teams up with Society of Harlow!

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SOH Beauty Must Have: Emjoi MicrO-Pedi

Oh summer, how I will miss you! I will miss the glow and warmth of the sun, the abundance of effortless chic maxi dresses, and cute strappy sandals! As summer comes to an end and we transition into the fall, we will see less and less exposed feet. I know for me during the fall and winter months my trips to the nail salon significantly decrease. I am not ashamed to admit it, but my fall and winter feet ARE NOT the same pretty as my spring and summer feet. Thankfully, I found the must-have beauty tool for the fall (and all year around): The Emjoi MicrO-Pedi Callus Remover.  This revolutionary, powerful, and sleek tool gives you that salon quality pedicure feeling and look, but now you can have it without leaving your home!

Here’s Why I Love The MicrO-Pedi Callous Remover:

  1. SAFE. After years of receiving the harsh and dangerous metal scrapper procedure  to remove my callouses and dead skin, my feet were left sore and I noticed the increased frequency of callouses. What I like most about the MicrO-Pedi is that it safely, gently, and effectively buffs away calloused skin leaving my feet so smooth.
  2. CONVIENCE. I don’t have to leave the house! If my feet are feeling and looking tough, I can give myself an effective and beautiful at-home pedicure!
  3. SIZE: The MicrO-Pedi’s shape and size is so sleek. It fits in the palm of my hand. I can house it in my toiletry basket in my bathroom.
  4. EASE. The  MicrO-Pedi takes 2 AA batteries. It has a push on and off switch. It’s so easy to use. I turn it on and gently rotate it back and forth or side to side over my calloused skin area. The duration of use depends on the level of smoothness I want to feel.  I turn it off. That’s it!

If you want to join me in having “Fabulous Feet” all year long check out the Emjoi MicrO-Pedi Callus Remover! SOH Beauty Approved

This post was sponsored by Lipton Publicity  Inc., all opinions are my own! 


 Here Lies A List Of Items I’m Fashionably Obsessed With:  

Bold Pattern … Check!

Bandeau Top… Check!

Skirt… Check!

Bold Pattern Bandeau Top Skirt Set… OK Drops Mic and Exits Stage Left! [Mind Blown]

OK I’m back! This week I’m teaching up with  a unapologetically bold brand, Grass-Fields to bring you this week’s #TripleSlayFashion series featuring themind-blowing Mali Set.

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