FIRST LOOK: JCPenney’s Exclusive Ashley Nell Tipton Collection for Boutique+


Stripes, Slits, Sexy Sillohutettes… Oh My!

Let the imagery of stripes, slits, and sexy silhouettes sink in… For years the fashion industry wouldn’t dare to correlate these images with plus size fashion. Until now… we are breaking down barriers and together we are amplifying our voices in fashion and in the body positive movement for all shapes and sizes. This is why I am beyond overwhelmed with excitement and pride to collaborate with JCPenney in their #HereIAm campaign promoting their exclusive private label brand- Boutique+™ featuring designer Ashley Nell Tipton. No longer will we hide our bodies in shapeless clothes or fear wearing patterns or bold colors.

“There’s not clothing  that is fashionable for us, to be able to express our  BEAUTY, our SEXINESS and everything that we want to be able to project out there to the WORLD. I want to be able to design clothing for those women.” Ashley Nell Tipton



Save The Date! JCPenney’s first exclusive Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ capsule collection launches online and in-stores starting September 6. You all know that I’m all about style that is effortlessly chic with vibrant colors, dramatic prints, and bold silhouettes. The capsule is inspired by the 1950’s and will include must-have pieces like bomber and moto-chiffon jackets, jeggings, and boyfriend tees. The collection will also include design elements such as lipstick prints, bold horizontal stripes and sequins give the collection a modern twist. With sizes ranging from 0x-4x (5x online) and 16W-30W in both stores and online all fashionistas will be able to find their style utopia just in time for fall! I’m looking forward to shopping and styling some pieces from Boutique+! Seriously, I cannot wait to get my hands on the chiffon moto jacket! Check out the Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ capsule HERE. Let me know your favorite pieces!


This blog post is in collaboration with JCPenney, all opinions are my own

The POWER of Vision and Self-Empowerment: Society of Harlow Named As One of Fashion Bomb Daily’s Top 10 Atlanta Bloggers

The POWER of Vision, Self-Empowerment, and Grind! I’m here to share with you the extreme power of visualization and self-empowerment. I deeply believe in the law of atriction. I’m soooo the person that creates a vision board for the New Year or a vision checklist for my love life/partner. When I created Society of Harlow less than 6 months ago, it was a no brainer that I had to create a vision. I envisioned everything about my blog; from blog theme to photo-shoot locations, styled looks to coordinating songs, vendor partnerships and viewership goals. One of my top goals for my blog was to be highlighted by Fashion Bomb Daily. You should know that Fashion Bomb Daily is my FAVORITE fashion blog and fashion account to follow. I check Fashion Bomb Daily, well daily on their blog and Instagram! Well… last week I was named in the [insert dramatic pause]

Bomb Bloggers Atlanta Edition: The Top 10 Bloggers from A-Town! 


Here’s a snipet from the piece written by Esmesha Campbell:

Founder and creative director Crystal Daniels of Society of Harlow is a force to be reckoned with! The young girl boss has solidified a brand carefully tailored towards helping women master the art of slaying on a budget. She’s also the mastermind behind #TripleSlayFashion, a feature that shows fashionistas how to take one garment and style it three distinctive ways. Werk!

Immediately after visiting her blog, I fell in love with Crystal’s warm smile, her positive energy and the unparalleled confidence that oozed from each and every one of her pictures. She’s such a refreshing breath of air and there’s no doubt that this bombshell will go on to accomplish all of her heart’s desires.

By this time, I’m in shock and about to pass out. As if being recognized wasn’t enough I was invited as a special guest to attend Cocktails with Claire x Miss Diddy LA Atlanta Featuring Keri Hilson, Marlo Hampton, Shun Melson, Derek J, Tameka Foster, Shanti Das, and Delicia DeCordon. I’m just so thankful, honored, humbled, and overwhelmed. I had an amazing time at the event. I absolutely soaked in the aura of style, fashion, and building an empire through taking a leap of faith and trailblazing your own lane. It was beyond breathtaking to be in a room filled with astonishing women!

Remember these 4 things: 1. Dream Big 2. Set A Vision 3. Be a #GOALDigger 4. NEVER Doubt Yourself

Check Out My Favorite Photos Of The Night!  


Have you every set a vision or dreamed of something and it HAPPENED? Tell me about it in your comments. Let’s set a vision together!


Frilled Double Breast Halter Dress in Olive: Sold Out From GS-LOVE


Ring Around The Rosey: GS-LOVE

Sooooo… my obsession with jumpsuits continue to dominate my wardrobe (not a bad thing in my mind). When it comes to jumpsuits I really feel like Bubba from the iconic movie, Forest Gump – fuschsia jumpsuits, star jumpsuits, backless jumpsuits, wide-legged jumpsuits, pinstripe jumpsuits, mesh jumpsuits, rompers, etc. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that I am totally in LOVE with GS-LOVE’s  sheer floral jumpsuit!

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